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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

.:XWD - Maori I:.

The tattoo is in Maory decorative style (Kirituhi).
The difference between the moko and the kirituhi is the exclusiveness of the first one.
In other words, the moko was drawn only specifically by the maori for the maori, and the tattoo symbolized important events in the life of the maori person that was tattooed, while the use of the kirituhi has no limitations.
Calling our tattos Moko I think could be an offense for Maori people.

However here are some meanings that various cultures assign to some animals or symbols that you can find in the tattoos.

• Axe, Labrys: warrior, fighter
• Birds: freedom and communication to the gods
• Borneo rose, Borneo scorpion: valiance, courage
• Butterfly: soul, transformation
• Cat: change, adaptability
• Circle, Disc: circle of life; unity, origins
• Dolphin: harmony, friendship; protection
• Dragonfly: magic, transformation
• Fire: change
• Hammerhead shark: strength, power, determination
• Koru (unfolding fern frond): regrowth, new beginning
• Lion: courage, royalty
• Lizard: good luck, life
• Lotus flower: perfection, overcoming all adversities
• Manta ray: wisdom, elegance, freedom
• Moon: femininity, fertility
• Phoenix: immortality, eternity, renovation
• Rose: perfection, love
• Shark: adaptability, resistence
• Shell: love, intimacy and protection
• Sun: eternity, life, joy
• Swallow: freedom, good news, protection
• Tiki: fertility, protection
• Triskell: eternity and unity, life, death
• Turtle: guide, family, navigator
• Twist: strong bond, eternal love
• Waves, water: continuity through change, life
• Whale: family, protection
• Wolf: loyalty

3 different tones (Light, Medium & Dark).
Tattoo is tintable, so you can choose your favourite colour and change it when you want.

Modify YES
Copy YES
Transfer NO


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